Creatives Who Podcast

Over the last 10 years, podcasting has gone from being an obscure medium to a favorite communication and media platform for influencers and experts, providing listeners with an opportunity to experience focused and curated content. To help amplify local designers’ voices in this growing new medium, KCDW has invited four design influencers, Josh Levin of Empowered People, Joe Cox of Explicit Content, Dan Maginn from RM-3, and Kilee Nickels from With Kilee to share why and how they began podcasting. This online interactive panel discussion will focus on how the medium of podcasting can enhance your design practice and amplify your unique message.

*A link to the event will be emailed to registrants the day prior to the event.


Monday, September 13
Kansas City, MO 64108
$8 + fees in advance
5:30pm - 6:30pm
5:30pm Presentation

Josh Levin

Josh Levin, Founder of Empowered Electric, works on commercial and design-build projects, such as the Rockhill Grill and County Road Ice House. Josh started the Empowered People podcast as a creative outlet for exploring how he might empower his employees, make improvements to his business, and himself. His Tuesday Tune-Ups share personal development content to motivate listeners, while his Thursday episodes feature interviews with individuals making a difference in and around Kansas City.

Joe Cox

A KC native, Joe grew up on a steady diet of sugary cereal, Saturday morning cartoons and an arguably unhealthy obsession with everything pop-culture. Joe has worked with brands like Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Square Enix, Wingstop, Anheuser-Busch, Hershey, and Sodastream, helping them to connect and impact culture through insightful marketing. Now he studies the science of popular culture, applying his learned principles to marketing and the battle of avoiding “boring crap.” You can catch him on his monthly vidcast The Pop100 or his podcast The Pop-Marketing Podcast.

Dan Maginn

Dan is the Director of the Kansas City Office of Dake Wells Architecture.  A graduate of Tulane University, he has been practicing in the Kansas City market since 1989, focusing on straightforward, resourceful solutions for a variety of project types including, community, civic, educational, and residential. His goal for all projects is to create authenticity, with a space deeply rooted in site context and an openness for people to gather and connect. His pursuit of design excellence for his clients has resulted in numerous local, regional, and national AIA awards. A frequent lecturer on design-related topics, Dan also writes for architectural and design publications, providing an insider’s view of the architectural process to those outside of the profession. In 2019 he wrote and hosted a six-part podcast for DWELL Magazine called RM-3 (Raw Materials 3 Ways) that explored the sources of building materials.

Kilee Nickels

Kilee Nickels is the owner of life-changing accessory brand, Nickel & Suede, and successful author of style blog One Little Momma. Kilee is a KC native and is also a mother of five. Kilee started a podcast in 2019 with the goal to share her own personal and brand message. Connecting with podcaster-designer Kilee Nickels, you will find inspiration for how to be brave, when/why to take chances, and ways to change your life. She shares her own stories, and those of inspiring women, while providing actionable takeaways for pursuing your own purpose and passion.