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NOMA KC Coffee Talk

Coffee Talks is a program based on the fundamentals of participatory action research. NOMA KC values the power in centering lived experiences in the pursuit for solutions to our biggest industry problems. We seek to understand the world by trying to change it, collaboratively and following reflection. The NOMA KC Advocacy Committee will be holding multiple discussions this year aimed at self-reflection and growth. These discussions are meant to generate thought and action in individuals as well as create a conduit for meaningful impact within the design profession as a whole. The parameters of the selected session will encompass a topic that is pertinent to design professionals and involve a perspective/lens of creating spaces in our industry for equity, belonging, and understanding. The selected discussion will be a new topic, which coincides with the slate of Coffee Talks scheduled for the year. Here are a few titles from previous talks that we have held: Finding Your Voice, Maximizing Your Design Skills, and Being A Catalyst In The Workplace.

This group is intended to be a forum for discussion of ideas and for learning about differing viewpoints. In discussions around diversity and equity, it is important to understand that everyone sees and experiences the world differently – what seems “right” in your experience may not be so in someone else’s. Everyone is asked to consider different perspectives, for the purpose of sensitivity, learning, and growth. We are the facilitators for this group. We are not experts. We are simply here to help facilitate the process. We are here, like everyone else, to learn.

A few statements to guide your participation in Coffee Talk:

  1. We acknowledge that we are all systemically taught misinformation about  our own group(s) and about members of other groups.
  2. We agree not to blame ourselves or others for the misinformation we have learned, but to accept responsibility for not repeating misinformation after  we have learned otherwise.  
  3. This is a safe space – we encourage you to speak freely and honestly in the spirit of learning without fear of repercussion.
  4. Assume good intentions and listen actively with the goal of understanding.
  5. Avoid assumptions and ask for more information before making a final determination about someone’s intent.
  6. Participate patiently, gracefully, and respectfully – we are all coming into this conversation from different places. We want to create the space to learn. Try not to interrupt other as they are speaking. 
  7. This is an affirming, but inquisitive space – avoid place, speculation, shame, or inflammatory language. We are here to learn and grow as a community. 
  8. Speak from your own experience. Do not ask individuals to speak for their perceived social group.

Outsourced Event 
Coffee Talk is a special event organized and presented by NOMA KC for KC Design Week!

We have selected each “outsource” event to deliver something new, something cutting-edge, something unforgettable, and something delightful to add to our schedule. KC Design Week appreciates NOMA KC for their enthusiastic participation!

These events are presented FREE of charge, but advance registration is REQUIRED.

04.14.23 | 5:30pm - 7:30pm
  • 5:30pm | Registration
  • 5:40pm | Discussion
  • Appetizers & Beverages Provided

finding the root of the problem 04.14.23