Scavenger Hunt / How Well Do You Know Architecture...In Miniature? **

Learn to look at architecture in miniature, defined by procision in scale and quality of craftsmanship and artistry. The need to create small objects is an expression of our desire to explore, understand, and control our environment. Across the centuries, miniatures have served many functions from cultural to religious to artistic.These intricate miniatures represent an art movement that traces its roots to three fine-scale commissions constructed in the early part of the 20th century: Queen Mary's Doll's House (1924) at Windsor Castle, Colleen Moore's Fairy Castle (1935) and the Museum of Science and industry, Chicago, and the Thorne Rooms (1932-1940) at the Art Institute of Chicago.The creation of fine-scale miniatures requires ingenuity and imagination as well as precise technical skills. The appreciate of miniature object is an intimate act and teaches us to look with patience and close examination.Those who invest in their time and gaze are richly awarded.

**The Scavenger Hunt is a special event organized and presented by The National Toy and Miniature Museum for the audience 2021 KC Design Week!

We have selected each “outsource” presenter to deliver something new, something cutting-edge, something unforgettable, and something delightful to add to our schedule. KC Design Week appreciates The National Toy and Miniature Museum for their enthusiastic participation!

These events are presented FREE of charge, but advance registration is REQUIRED.

Some KCDW events will be in-person. For the safety of those attending and in accordance with the Kansas City, MO mask mandate, all attendees must wear a mask for the duration of these events. We will continue to monitor the situation, so please check back periodically. 

Wednesday, September 15
11:30am - 1:30pm
Come and go as you please